The on-off switch is in a notoriously PITA position and they’re not great for table routing. But tell me. Does that justify dropping the price of the Porter-Cable 690LR 10 Amp 1-3/4 Horsepower Router from $284 to $122?

discount porter cable router

57% off. Jiminy frikkin Cricket. This is a PORTER-CABLE router we’re talking about. This is 11 Amps, 27,500 RPM and a peak HP of 1 3/4. For 57% off.

This is a 1-year warranty and all the router a serious DIYer needs to last for years. And you put $162 in your pocket.

Or heck, take your wife out to dinner with that $162 and tell her all the incredible things you’re gonna build her with your new toy. Er, tool I mean.

But move quick pardner – there’s ONLY 14 LEFT!

Read some reviews:

1) “I started off w/this router thinking I would have to upgrade in a few years. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Unless you make a living building custom cabinetry, this is all you need.”

2) “The P-C 690LR router is well worth the money and would make an outstanding primary router for the average homeowner’s requirements. I have no hesitation recommending this machine.”

3) “Durable, capable, and simple in concept and design, the 690 is hard to beat.”

So do yourself a favor. Get the Porter-Cable 690LR 10 Amp 1-3/4 Horsepower Router now. At 57% off. While supplies last.

Hurry. I might buy the rest myself and throw them up on eBay… we’ve got to make a living you know.