DEWALT DW703 Heavy Duty 10 inch Compound Miter Saw

The Stats

  • Tall sliding fence supports crown molding vertically up to 4-1/2 inches and easily slides out of the way for bevel cuts
  • 0- to 50-degree miter ability for greater capacity in all cutting applications
  • 11 positive miter stops allow for quick settings and improved accuracy
  • Steel-on-steel detent plate and pin offers repeatable accuracy and worksite durability
  • 0- to 48-degree bevel delivers increased capacity for out-of-square corners
  • 33-pound weight, head lock-down pin, and built-in carrying handle for increased portability
  • 15 amp motor, 5,000 rpm provides enough power for all cutting applications
  • Works great with the DW723 miter saw stand

Review #1

Probably the best feature I’ve found is the light grip required on the
operating handle. I can’t see getting carpal tunnel syndrome from
overuse of the handle, for it is truly comfortable to use, unlike some
of the ones I tried that required both a hard grip on a safety device
as well as a tough pull-down on the handle.

Review #2

The only thing I wish it had was a laser. That’s why only 4 stars. I
purchased the Irwin laser attachment to use with this lightweight
miter saw. I also believe the sawdust bag is usless and I attach it to
the vac when I use the saw.

Review #3

This is a great saw for the homeowner. The professional might quibble with its lack of sliding capability, but for the price this compound miter saw is hard to beat.

Review #4

Yeah I know it only compounds in one direction and it’s only 10″. Tell yah what though, for under $200 it’s a real bargain (no lasers at this price). The saw arrived in perfect condition, spot on accurate out of the box and it now carries a sign stating “finish work only”.

Review #5

Power is good (takes a few seconds to come totally up to speed) and included blade is better than expected – I got additional blade at initial purchase becuase I assumed like most saws the included blade would be crap but standard blade is good general purpose. Dust collection sucks, though some reviewers have not been as “candid.”

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