Thanks to Michael Pleasant for this review of the
Hitachi WH12DAF2 12-Volt Ni-Cad Cordless Impact Driver.

1) When did you buy it?
About 6 months ago

2) What job or jobs did you buy it for?
I just bought it because I’d used a similar model, and I wanted an impact driver

3) You like it better than 18v models… why is this?
It does the job, for a lot less money, and with two batteries and 1 hour charge time, you don’t need a bigger tool

4) Why do you like it so much?
It fits my hand, the price was the best of all 12v Impact Drivers it was a well known brand and I’ve never had any trouble with Hitachi

5) What impressed you about it?
The torque, the power, the length of time that the batteries held a charge

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