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Finding the right tool for the job can be hard. I think it was my high school physics teacher/basketball coach who proved, beyond doubt, that you don’t know what you don’t know. Anyways, I got this question from a ToolCrib visitor recently: I am needing a right angle drill for very tight spaces. I am […]

Many of the questions we get are related to “the right tool for the job.” There are so many ways to cut a piece of wood, but every job asks for a slightly different tool. This questioner had an interesting situation where builders had done an incomplete job on his cold air return. “I need […]

When this question came in I tried to use my high school geometry. Then when my brain started smoking my buddy Adam took the question and went over to the guys at LumberJocks. Attached is a photo of a sculpture I made with the kind of base I’m making with the compound miter. Once I […]

I like getting behind the scenes on the creation of tool classics, of which I think the IRWIN 3061001 Miter Saw Laser Guide qualifies. It’s a simple, inexpensive add on that makes life easier. Brilliant! I wrote to Irwin recently and interviewed Product Manager Scott Anderson, who delivered some fascinating insights into the creation of […]