Every Porter-Cable FCN200 Pnuematic Flooring Cleat Nailer review I’ve read hails it as a classic of great tool design and a stand-out in a market previously dominated by Bostitch.

That’s why I selected the FCN200 for an interview. Thanks to Jorge Silveira, Director of Marketing – Nailers & Combo Kits, PORTER-CABLE for taking the time to answer!

The story of the FCN200 is one of extensive research with end users and flooring manufacturers – enjoy!

TC 1) When did the PORTER-CABLE® Flooring Cleat Nailer, model FCN200, launch?

* Launched in 2001.

TC 2) At that time, what was PORTER-CABLE’s experience in developing pneumatic nailers?

* PORTER-CABLE entered into the pneumatic marketplace and officially started selling nailers in 1996. The company already had between 5 to 6 years of experience in selling nailers and staplers. While the company started with woodworking, it later included construction.

TC 3) What can you tell me about the team responsible for the design of the PORTER-CABLE® FCN200? What was their background in pneumatic nail design?

* The develop team for FCN200 was diverse in the sense that it drew from the experience of a team who came from other established nailing and stapling companies. The team had a considerable number of years of design experience.

TC 4) Reviews describe this tool as nearly-flawless. To what in the PORTER-CABLE® FCN200 design process do you attribute this accomplishment?

* In early research, the team found issues with the competitors’ tools working with pre-finish hardwood floors. The competitor’s tools would damage the surface of the wood. So the FCN200 was designed to work great with pre-finished and unfinished hardwood floors. In addition, the design team worked closely with suppliers of hardware flooring to get feedback throughout the design phase in addition to encouraging the involvement of training schools and design groups to make sure the completed tool would work for finished and unfinished hardware floors.

TC 5) What else made this tool great?

* The FCN200 utilizes an L-Shape cleat as its fastener. The L-Shape cleat allows the floor to contract and expand while holding the floor in place. The traditional tools use a staples fastener that does not allow natural expansion of the wood and shortens the floors life.

* The FCN200 was also designed to stand upright through better balance for easier use. The better balance and smooth operation delivers a consistent nail placement.

TC 6) Did you ever have trouble convincing the market that PORTER-CABLE could deliver a strong pneumatic flooring nailer?

* Once PORTER-CABLE involved major manufacturers of hardware floors, it was easier to come into the marketplace.

TC 7) Was the success of the PORTER-CABLE® FCN200 a surprise?

* No, we obtained a considerable amount of research from the end-users’ perspective and took the tool through a comprehensive testing process prior to introducing the tool to the marketplace.

Do you have any questions for Jorge Silveira or the PORTER-CABLE FCN200 team? Leave them in the comments or send them to me at GFrench@ToolCrib.com.