If you’re a regular Popular Woodworking reader then you’re probably familiar with their “I Can Do That” feature which emphasizes two day shop projects for woodworkers with most of the standard power tool array.

The “I Can Do That” Manual is much more than this – it’s 12 chapters and 81 pages of woodworking tool bliss that will help you put together your first full set of woodworking tools.

…or figure out how to round out the tool set you already have.

Download the Manual – it’s in PDF format.

It’s full of great, no-nonsense insight like:

“The jigsaw cuts curves beautifully and it is safe, powerful and inexpensive. (In fact, some professional cabinetmakers use their jigsaw for curves more than they use a stationary band saw.) Plus, with a little practice, you’ll find that you need very little clean-up of your sawn edges.”

I’m not sure if our friends over at FamilyWoodworking and WoodNet would agree 100% with 100% of what’s written in the manual, but if you read this guide you’ll be well on your way to understanding the fundamentals of woodworking and woodworking tools.