We recently posted about FreeWW.com, a site devoted to free woodworking plans. Judging from out site stats you guys ate them up.

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Also, check out our guide to free router table plans, a guide I wrote based on the great sites listed below.

We set the hounds on hunting out all the free woodworking plan sites that the web has to offer, and we think we’re getting pretty close to pointing to all of them right here.

If you’re wondering how we got the 4,000 number I’ll admit – it was a lot of guess work.

On sites like the first one, where I estimate around 2,500 plans, I counted the number of categories (180) and multiplied that by the lowest number I found in the sampling of categories I checked in (15) and rounded down.

I stayed conservative any time I couldn’t get an exact count.

Scientific? Heck no! But who cares? There’s lots and lots and lots of free plans for you to start rummaging through… so DIG IN to these plans and get your butt into the work shop!

1) Search for free woodworking plans on the sites listed below:

Yeah, we know it can be a hassle to weed through hundreds of plans – that’s why we whipped together this handy little Google tool that only searches free woodworking plans. Enjoy!

2) FreeWoodworkingPlan.com ~2500 Plans
Free Woodworking Plans, Free Woodworking Projects and Patterns (over 180 categories, from 15-100+ plans per category estimated ~2,500 plans)

3) AbsolutelyFreePlans.com 517 Plans
Absolutely Free Plans (more free plans than those listed below – these below are the most common interest)

Indoor Projects (157 Plans)

Outdoor Projects (103 Plans)

Projects for Children (105 Plans)

Workshop Projects (152 Plans)

4) Free-Woodworking-Stuff.com ~400 Free Woodworking Plans
Free Woodworking Plans from Free-Woodworking-Stuff. 10 5 categories – between 4-10 plans per category estimated ~400 plans.

5) FreeWW.com ~360 Free Woodworking Plans
http://www.freeww.com/ (featured recently in the ToolCrib blog in A List of Free Woodworking Project Plans) 119 Categories, estimate 3 plans per category ~360 plans

6) Rec.Woodworking 107 Free Woodworking Plans
Rec.Woodworking’s Free Plans List (107 Free Plan links – hard to tell what’s at the end of all of them though)

7) EP’s 98 Free Woodworking Plans
Free Woodworking Plans (98 plans and projects)

8) Lowes 56 Free Woodworking Plans
Lowes Intermediate Projects (45 free woodworking plans and projects)

Lowes Basic Woodworking Projects (11 free woodworking plans and projects)

9) Binky’s Woodworking 20 Free Woodworking Plans
Binky’s Woodworking Free Plans (~20 free woodworking plans and projects)

10) About.com’s Free Woodworking Plans 11 Plans
Free Woodworking Plans and Designs (11 plans)

Those links contain, as far as I could tell, only free woodworking plans in the sections on the pages designated “free woodworking plans.”

More Woodworking Plans – Free and Pay
I didn’t count these sites in the total 4,000 woodworking plans because they contain a mixture of paid plans in their listings. Some only a few, some a lot.

  1. All Woodworking Plans – by Category The3House
  2. Wood Central’s Woodworking Plan List
  3. WoodWorkZone Woodworking Plans
  4. Rick’s Woodshop Creations Project Plans
  5. Flip’s Free Woodworking Plans (over 200 free plans, some pay)
  6. AllCrafts Woodworking Plans
  7. FreePlans.com (by email, you have to sign up)
  8. Woodworking Plans from Rockler (all pay)

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Do you have any favorite free woodworking plan resources? Comment them below or send them in an email to GFrench@ToolCrib.com!