I polled the guys at Woodnet recently to see who were their top five most influential woodworkers

It turned out to be a pretty popular and highly personal topic. Great stuff for those seeking to broaden their woodworking influences…

What I published here today is but a small part of a larger survey I’m doing. I also asked at LumberJocks and will re-ask at FamilyWoodworking now that I have refined my question.

You’re welcome to contribute to the “most influential woodworker project” too by commenting this thread or emailing GFrench@ToolCrib.com about your top five most influential woodworkers.

Here’s a sneak peek at the WoodNet top ten so far… I will check back there before I put together another “ultimate guide” :)

1) Norm Abram – 27
“The guy in plaid,” “Nahm…”

He goes by many names and Woodnetters mentioned him 27 times as a “most influential” woodworker. Especially in the early years.

More about Norm
Norm Abram’s wikipedia entry
Abram hosts the New Yankee TV show.
A TOH interview with Norm Abram

2) My Dad – 14
Fathers came in second for most influential woodworkers. The stories come in first though – they are priceless. Just read through the WoodNet thread for the guys who wrote about their dads.

3) David Marks – 13
David Marks hosts Woodworks on the DIY Network. Many guys mentioned not liking his style, but they all said they respected his attention to detail.

More about Marks
Wood Works program description
David Marks bio
David Marks vs. Marc Spagnuolo (HUMOR + it’s an MP3)

4) woodnetters – 10
Obviously the woodnetters made the list. You pretty much come to woodworking forums to get influenced one way or another ;)

5) Granpa – 9
Another big favorite is Granpa. Like “dad” there are many great stories about grandfather woodworkers in that thread.

6) shop teacher – 7
For many woodworkers, their first woodworking successes came from shop class. Many folks were fortunate enough to have a great teacher show them the ropes early on.

7) James Krenov – 6
This Russian cabinet maker has an interesting past and is undeniably a master of woodworking. Many woodworkers noted that his books were highly influential.

More about Krenov
The official James Krenov site.
transcripts of Krenov interview done by the Smithsonian
WoodCentral Interview with Krenov

MORE Influential Woodworkers Coming Soon!
This is just a little teaser for you… I couldn’t wait ;) There are close to 80 other woodworkers mentioned, and the numbers will only go up once we get more conversations rolling :)