If you’ve been an online woodworker for any length of time you’ve probably come across WoodShopDemos, a friendly and welcoming website that provides a step-by-step photo guide to woodworking projects.

This is not a “how-to” site though and there are no plans that I could find for any of the projects.

Instead you’ll find a photos of a project as it’s completed, with commentary from John Lucas that’s full of gems of woodworking observation. Like this one, from “Making a Silver Chest“:

To compensate for any slight “tilt” to the router, she runs the boards so that one edge is run with the face down and the other edge with the face up. This way if there is any “tilt”, the opposing edges will mate perfectly.

Here’s a quote from a marvelous tutorial on sharpening a planer in which Lucas offers a tip on sharpening blades:

I use a black Sharpie marker to “paint” the blade edge. I find that this makes it much easier for me to see the grinding action.

Table Saw Alignment is another great source of tool maintenance tips. Here’s something to take note of if you haven’t already:

“The third check is for bearing runout. I am using my right hand to move the blade back and forth. By the way, I do not do these tests with thin kerf blades since the thin blade, itself, will have some flex.”

Watch for more from WoodShopDemos here in the pages of the ToolCrib.com blog… I’ll update you when new projects make it to the site and will periodically outline and link to gems from his collection.