I’m not afraid to admit that I know nothing about woodworking :) First and foremost because I have very little shame, to the chagrin of the LOML when we’re out at dinner.

And secondly because I know I can rely on the guys at FamilyWoodworking and WoodNet for a healthy dose of woodworking wisdom.

Building from the collaborative success of our Ultimate Guide to the Top Ten Most Dangerous Woodworking Power Tools I went to both forums today and asked them about good questions to ask of influential woodworkers.

I thought I’d link to them from here so you can see the “conversations” emerge… I think I may have to re-ask my question in WoodNet cause I’ve got crickets there for now :D.

Anyways, check out:
Who are your top five most influential woodworkers?
woodworker interviews project

And please comment or email me: GFrench@ToolCrib.com about YOUR favorite woodworkers and questions you’d like to ask them!