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You last heard of Frank Pellow in The Story of a “Forum Assisted” Woodworking Shop: Frank Pellow’s Shop Build Journal. His latest chronicles – which haven’t made it to book status quite yet, perhaps because he’s not finished yet – describe his new work bench. And what a bench it’s shaping up to be! He […]

I didn’t know the proper answer to this question: “can I use a mitre saw to cut steel siding? If so what type of blade do I need.” So I headed on over to the WoodNet forum to hear what the Woodnetters thought. Here are some suggestions regarding how one should cut steel siding from […]

What if you could only have three table saw blades? A WoodNetter asked this recently and I thought you’d find the responses interesting… Be sure to check out the full thread: If you could only have 3 blades for your table saw…. Note: he’s asking because he has around $200 to spend :) knotscott says: […]

If you’re like the majority of woodworkers then the chances are good that Norm Abram is on the list of your most influential woodworkers… Did you know that there’s a new crop of “Norms” starting up online? That’s right I’m talking about the friendly guys at Woodsmith and the coolest woodworker online The Wood Whisperer. […]

Sometimes you send us questions like this: “I’m interested in making a stand for my fish tank and I would like a tool that allows screws to be drill into the wood at an angle. This tool makes the holes and it appears very common in cabinet making.” I’m better with words than with wood […] recently asked the WoodNet, FamilyWoodworking and LumberJocks forums who were their TOP FIVE most influential woodworkers. After tallying their votes we had a list of over 100 different “most influential” woodworkers. Here’s the WoodNet thread. Here’s the thread in FamilyWoodworking. And here’s LumberJocks. Of these, 31 received 2 or more mentions, and so that’s […]