I didn’t know the proper answer to this question:

“can I use a mitre saw to cut steel siding? If so what type of blade do I need.”

So I headed on over to the WoodNet forum to hear what the Woodnetters thought.

Here are some suggestions regarding how one should cut steel siding from the forum thread cut steel siding with miter saw? what blade?:

1) Ron said: “You can use one of the composite blades. I use them for the steel studs. Cheap and effective.”

2) tsbrewers said: “It can be cut by just flipping the blade backwards. Sparks, smoke, and smell but it will cut ok. Next would be metal cutting blade, either a fiber or a fine carbide toothed.”

3) tsbrewers added: “If siding an entire house, i would rent a steel siding shear . Cleaner, quieter, and quicker.”

4) McApple offered: “Don’t flip a carbide blade, you will knock the teeth off pretty quick.”

5) McApple concluded that: “I used an ordinary circular saw with a plywood blade the last time I had to cut steel roofing, other than the noise, it worked just fine.”

6) AOGDEN suggested that he: “Contact The Blade Mfg Co. @ 1800-227-4023 or www.blademfg.com” and though it galls me to include this suggestion even though our associate Amazon offers some perfectly good metal cutting saw blades I felt it only right to include them since that was one person’s earnest suggestion.

Thank you gentlemen for your thoughts on saw blades, steel siding and miter saws.