If you’re like the majority of woodworkers then the chances are good that Norm Abram is on the list of your most influential woodworkers

Did you know that there’s a new crop of “Norms” starting up online? That’s right I’m talking about the friendly guys at Woodsmith and the coolest woodworker online The Wood Whisperer.

I picked my favorite 3 videos from Woodsmith and then asked Marc Spagnuolo (yes that’s the Wood Whisperer himself ;) to pick the top 3 videos he’s done so far. I hope you find them insightful and inspiring.

The Woodsmith Woodworker Online Video Series
100+ woodworkers gather every week at the Woodsmith store in Iowa for woodworking lessons from the editors of the Woodsmith Magazine.

Fortunately for you they also video tape these presentations and put them online for all.

I linked to one video recently that actually added a great idea to my blog post on different methods and tools for ripping plywood.

Here are my top three favorite videos from the Woodsmith series:

1) Getting the most out of your router table

“practical uses for a router table like routing joinery for drawers using a 1/4? straight bit. …great pointers for perfect rails and stiles with just one router bit — a slot-cutting bit. You’ll be surprised at just how easy it is to rout stub tenon and groove joints with this bit.”

Also check out ToolCrib.com’s Ultimate Guide to Free Router Table Plans :)

Watch Router Table Tips, Tricks & Techniques

2) Tuning Up Your Table Saw for Perfect Cuts

Are your cuts crooked? You did everything it said in the manual but it’s still out of whack? Watch this video where Craig Ruegsegger “put together quite a few quick and simple tune up techniques that will vastly improve the quality of the cuts you’ll make with your table saw.”

A great companion piece to our “most dangerous power tools” guide, where the mighty table saw ranks second behind… YOU as the most dangerous tool in the woodshop.

Watch Tuning Up Your Table Saw for Perfect Cuts

3) 10 of Our All-Time Favorite Woodworking Tips

Maybe I’m just a sucker for top ten lists… anyways, this video demonstrates the top ten most useful Woodworking tips from among the thousands that have ever been published by the Woodsmith publishing family.

“You’ll find tips for cutting panels down to size on the table saw, to simple ideas to make installing drawer slides easier. As an added bonus, he’ll offer some ideas for protecting your investment by documenting your shop with video and photos.”

Watch 10 of Our All-Time Favorite Woodworking Tips

The Wood Whisperer’s Online Woodworking Video Series
I wrote to Marc some time back to let him know about our guide to the most dangerous power tools. He dug it so much he linked to it… and was kind enough to take some time and add his top 5 most influential woodworkers to our ever growing list of 31 most influential woodworkers.

Marc’s been making waves with his sometimes hilarious and always thorough and accessible online woodworking video series. I asked him today what were his top three most popular videos and he mentioned the three listed below… AND that the newest ones are gaining fast on the old ones ;)

1) Episode 2 – The King and His Castle

I laughed out loud at the intro of this video. And then I got engrossed in Marc’s tour of his garage woodworking haven.

Watch Episode 2 – The King and His Castle

2) Episode 7- A Cut Above (Pt. 1)

“One of my favorite woodworking projects is a butcher block end-grain cutting board.”

Everything you wanted to know about the theory and creation of gorgeous end-grain cutting boards.

Once you watch Episode 7- A Cut Above (Pt. 1) be sure to watch Episode 7- A Cut Above (Pt 2).

3) The Jointers’ Jumpin’

Watch Marc review his 4-step milling process, plus alternative jointing methods for woodworkers without jointers.

In short, this is an incredible guide to getting your coplanar board on ;)

Watch The Jointers’ Jumpin’.

Any other Online Norms out there?
Who’d I miss? What are your favorite videos from Woodsmith or the Wood Whisperer? Comment this post or send an email to GFrench@ToolCrib.com.