What if you could only have three table saw blades? A WoodNetter asked this recently and I thought you’d find the responses interesting…

Be sure to check out the full thread: If you could only have 3 blades for your table saw….

Note: he’s asking because he has around $200 to spend :)

knotscott says:
(Ridge Carbide, Forrest, Freud Premier, or Infinity)
1) 24T FTG TK ripper
2) 40-60T TK general purpose
3) 80T Hi-ATB

1) 20 tooth ripper
2) 80 tooth crosscut
3) 40 tooth WWII

(all carbide teeth with steel body, regular kerf, most likely Freud)
1) Stack dado
2) Ripper
3) Combo

1) 24t rip
2) 50t combo
3) 80t fine blade

1) Dewalt DW7657 40 tooth general purpose blade
2) Dewalt DW7642 24 tooth fast ripping blade
3) Freud SD508 dado set

1) 24t rip
2) 40-50t general purpose
3) 80t plywood blade

What 3 blades would you pick… if you could only pick 3? Check out the thread to see what others chose: If you could only have 3 blades for your table saw….

Also see, from Rockler, Saw Blades 101 for an introduction or refresher on saw blades.