The Tool Crib

We had another “name that tool” question on ToolCrib recently. (Here’s the first “name that tool” we got.) Here goes: “I saw a TV infomercial promoting an unusual tool designed to ‘lift’ ceramic tiles off of floors and walls. It was like a small electric drill with various blades like scrapers. “The tool had an […]

Coping looks like it’s tear-your-hair-out persnickety. Thankfully I can point you to some awesome coping conversations and resources rather than actually have to do it myself ;P My coping “journey” started with a simple question we got at This one in fact: “is there a jig available to make cope cuts on crown moldings?” […]

Frank Pellow’s a hardworking Canadian woodworker who tirelessly documents his projects so that others can learn little tips and tricks from him. He kindly sent over a selection of woodworking project threads he started in both FamilyWoodworking and SawmillCreek so that I could share them with my ToolCribbers. In Frank Pellow’s Tool Cabinets Project he […]

There’s not much in the so-called “Green Building” movement that will shock most woodworkers and DIYers… Ideals like durability, reusing salvaged woods and selecting locally available materials have ALWAYS made sense to craftspeople. If you look through our collection of the 31 most influential woodworkers you’ll find many who were green well before their time. […]