We had another “name that tool” question on ToolCrib recently. (Here’s the first “name that tool” we got.) Here goes:

“I saw a TV infomercial promoting an unusual tool designed to ‘lift’ ceramic tiles off of floors and walls. It was like a small electric drill with various blades like scrapers.

“The tool had an “action” like an orbital, vibrating, roto-hammer which chipped away and lifted all sorts of flooring and tiles etc. with apparent ease.

“Do you have any knowledge of such a tool??”

I didn’t. WoodNetter Fred did in the thread I started called Ceramic Tile Removal. Here’s what he said:

That would be the Fein Multimaster.

I’ve heard (can’t put my fingers on a direct link at this instant) that the Fein TV commercial is through a different?? division or something and it’s either NOT the same Fein tool sold elsewhere or is dramatically different in price than what’s available from Fein distributors…

About the Fein, Wbracy said:

“They make a number of attachments for the multimaster and one is dedicated for grout removal. I used it in an area of our bath room and it work nicely. Once the grout was cut out I used a chisel and hammer to break the tiles these were 4″ square tiles and came out rather easily.”

Other tile removal methods:
There’s more out there than the Fein Multimaster.

Geez suggested a $16 air chisel:

“Based upon advice from the Bridge tiling forums, I picked up a cheap ($16) air chisel from the BORG. Comes with assorted chisels and works great. I did have to pick up a couple more chisels though once I figured out which one worked best. And at that price you can consider it disposable but after demoing my tile bathroom, it is still seviceable. Of course this assumes you have an air compressor already.”

BillH mentioned more industrial options: Floor Stripper Model FCS16 Rip-R-Stripper

Splinter suggested the bosch chipping hammer

Wrapping it Up:
In closing I think it highly appropriate that you read Fred’s also outline of the Murphy’s Law of bathroom tile removal:

“If you want tiles to come up/off the substrate… they won’t come off with anything less than a cold chisel and a 3# hammer. If you don’t want them to come off.. they’ll pop off like peanuts..”

Thank you to the WoodNetters who helped out! Be sure to check out the full thread here: Ceramic Tile Removal. If you have other suggestions for tools or techniques for taking tile off of walls or floors please write me at GFrench@ToolCrib.com, comment this blog or leave a comment in the WoodNet forum.