Coping looks like it’s tear-your-hair-out persnickety. Thankfully I can point you to some awesome coping conversations and resources rather than actually have to do it myself ;P

My coping “journey” started with a simple question we got at This one in fact: “is there a jig available to make cope cuts on crown moldings?”

I took that one straight to WoodNet in the thread titled: Crown Molding Cope Cut Jig?

Here are some of their suggestions:
Easy Coper
the Collins Coping Foot
Speed-Cope Jigsaw Coping Jig

Here’s a suggestion from me, an Amazon Associate;):
coping jig search at Amazon

The Collins Coping Foot
In the thread that started there were at least two people who mentioned that Collins Coping Foot… a foot for your hand-held jig saw. One person even linked out to some awesome reviews of the coping foot in use. Here are some resources:

The Collins Coping Foot (review of the Collins Coping Foot)
More Coping: 135° Corners (using the Collins Coping Foot)

More Crown Molding Coping Resources:
Not being well versed in coping I decided to do a little research and put together a little mini resource guide for readers of our newsletter and blog.

First I needed a good definition. I went to Wikipedia: Coping (joinery)

Then I went to town in Google and found some good-looking how-tos:

Multiple cut crown molding
A Woodworking Video: Coping Crown
Step 3: Make a Cutting Jig
Crown Molding Made Easy
crown molding installation links
Tips on installing crown molding in an older home

I hope this post is useful to anyone who’s starting a coping project or looking for new methods. Big thanks to the WoodNetters for their help! Be sure and check out the thread: Crown Molding Cope Cut Jig?