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Before we get started you should check out Charles and Hudson’s Top 5 Tools of Mass Destruction. Chances are good you’ll be using at least 4 of them as you remodel your home ;)

Here’s what we’ve got right now:
1) DIY Info Sites
2) DIY Blogs
3) DIY Forums
4) DIY Resources from

What I imagine this growing into:
Groupings based around actual home remodeling DIY projects – plumbing, wiring, tiling, etcetera. Plus a free how-to video roundup.

If you have a home remodeling blog or DIY site and would like to get on this list then send me an email: or just comment this post.

Here goes, and I hope you enjoy exploring the DIY world online!

1) DIY Info Sites
Jim’s Home Repair Stuff
AWESOME collection of DIY and home repair links gathered from the newsgroup. You should start here at the beginning of EVERY project.

The DIY Network
-what can I say? this is a grand-pappy of DIY information. Very well organized and a great place to get started
-ask questions of their expert, Don Vandervort. tons of guides and articles.

DIY Defined
-if you’re like me you like to know the roots of words and concepts. this definition comes from Wikipedia

The DIY Section of Lifehacker
-not home remodeling oriented but excellent resource and very fun

Danny Lipford
Video-centric. He’s the official DIY Guy for the Weather Channel and the Early Show.

2) DIY Blogs
I split the blog section into 2 sub sections – how-to oriented and home owner remodeling diaries.

a) DIY Remodeling how-to
Home Improvement Blog
-powered by home improvement professionals. some decent tutorials.

Home Improvement Blog
-dedicated to the basics.

Remodeling Ideas
-neat ideas – great if you’re just getting started

Do It Yourself Disaster Avoidance
-Great advice from a pro who does it himself

Helpful Advice for Home Construction Improvement
-Todd Fratzel shares his experience in structural design and home construction… he’s also building community through his Home Improvement Blogroll.

Elegant Kitchen Cabinets blog
-a guide to bettering your kitchen overall.

The DIY Blog
-home chronicles heavy on the How-To and informational.

Remodeling Q/A
-this remodeling q/a is set in a blog format… good stuff!

Charles and Hudson
-a must read for all DIYers! Frequent updates and quick tips that will make your DIY life easier

Behind the Walls: sharing stories about home renovation
-noise prevention? check. selecting kitchen appliances? check. GREAT DIY BLOG!

Home Improvement Web
-tips for tasks that increase your home’s value. to the point.

Inexpensive Home Building
– a great resource for DIYers seeking to save cash on projects. I was first struck by the story on ancient Egyptian air cooling methods…

Construction Deal Update
-Helping Homeowners navigate the world of Home Improvement

The CalFinder DIY Remodeling Blog -Helpful advice, good focus on reusing, recycling and vintage stuff.

b)DIY Chronicles: Blogs by People Doing Home Remodeling Themselves
House Blogs
-a community-powered home improvement publication… NEAT! Very cool site, kind of a LumberJocks for home improvement.

Green Builder’s blog
-a contributor to the Home Improvement Blog project focused on conscientious remodeling practices

Best of the Web Home Improvement section
-list of mostly individuals chronicling their remodeling efforts

House in Progress
-home owners, good writers. Read!

Remodeling for Geeks
-remodeling bytes. this geek offers hacks for your home!

Brownstoner’s Renovation Blogroll
-Check out the Brownstoner’s list of renovation blogs!

Fixer-Upper: a Victorian Houseblog
-home owners talking shop

The Ramsay Home Blog
-a Canadian family building a home in the city of Calgary.

Pigeon Point Project
-a home remodeling diary set in Seattle

Homefront Insecurity
-fun, personal diary that digs into the realities of home improvement

The Seymour Project
-titled “A Renovation, A Money Pit, A New Home” this blog offers great details that should help any new home owner tear into a huge project

The Money Pit
-this blog’s title quote pretty much sums up the DIY remodeling process: “Here lies Walter Fielding. He bought a house and it killed him.”

DIY Insanity
-the ups and downs of building an addition to your house while living a VERY FULL LIFE

Homeowner’s Blog: A homeowner’s trial and tribulations
-a remodeling diary with an eye towards sustainability

Camping With a Mortgage
-sometimes titles really do say it all. this should be an engaging and fun read for home remodelers

Enon Hall: Old House Restoration Journal
-an amazing documentation of a house remodeled. includes forums and the thoughts of some hard working home owners.

House Made
-“Taking a 1922 Pueblo/Spanish Bungalow from Disaster to De-lovely”

Nightmare on Elm ST.
-great humor, great details for those in the throes of remodeling. definitely worth a read!

This Old Crack House
-Norm Abram (#1 most influential wood worker) just did a drive by with his nail gun… it’s This Old Crack House! A great and informational read.

This Decrepit Victorian
-“Follow along as we try to bring life back to a circa 1900 Victorian house in Richmond, Virginia.”

The Kitchen Chronicles
-one family’s story of remodeling the kitchen (sponsored by HGTV)

3) DIY Forums: Community Forums
-with… 75k users you’re sure to find some great information and how-to help here! Those of you who are regular readers know that we participate in many forums… this one’s on our list for asking DIY questions!

-DIY forum of the UK (53k members)
– a DIY forum, small and cozy. (3k members)

DIY Chatroom – Home Improvement Forum
(8.7k members)

Home Renovation and Building
-AU and NZ forum (2k users)

About: Home Renovations’s Home renovation message boards.

This Old House Message Boards

Home Talkers
-they’re just getting started – jump in now!

Generation Renovation
– HGTV message boards

4) DIY Resources from’s Ultimate Guide to the Top Ten Most Dangerous Woodworking Power Tools
-your most dangerous power tools + links to safety resources for each and every one.’s Guide to Your Wood Shop’s Essential Woodworking Tools for $1,000 or Less
-Find out what woodworkers think are the most essential tools for $1,000 or less.

Green DIY and Green Carpentry Resources
-links and resources for going green on your remodeling projects!

DIY Table Saw Alternative: EZ Guide + Circular Saw
-there are some incredibly accurate and far less-expensive alternatives to the table saw out there! Learn more in this article!

5) Send us your links!
This is the first stage of our project to document and guide folks to the incredible DIY home remodeling resources out there on the web! If you’ve got links or suggestions let me know: and I’ll get you on the guide!