I asked the ToolCrib.com newsletter readers what were their favorite brands – and for what tools and it got me thinking that this might be a good subject for the forums… (thanks for writing in ToolCribbers :).

UPDATE: Check out the final results here: BOSCH Places Second in Battle of Power Tool Brands! Guess Who Got First…

Thus Began the Battle of the Brands
I asked our three favorite woodworking forums to tell us what were their top three brands and their favorite tools for each…

It turned out (as it usually does…) that my question is not as simple as it sounds.

Quite a few different debates started, from discussions about a decline in tool quality from major brands to conversations speculating about why ToolCribbers search the way they do.

Here are the Battle of the Brands threads:
WoodNet Battle of the Brands
FamilyWoodworking Battle of the Brands
LumberJocks Battle of the Brands

I’ll be working everyones’ responses into an article for our next newsletter so NOW is the time to put in your 2 cents about your favorite brands!

To get you started here are the top ten most-searched brands at ToolCrib.com:

1) DeWALT 20%
2) Porter Cable 14%
3) Bosch 13%
4) Makita 12%
5) Delta 10%
6) Hitachi 9%
7) Milwaukee 8%
8) Jet 7%
9) Bostitch 5%
10) Panasonic 2%

I look forward to hearing from you – just comment this post, send me an email to GFrench@ToolCrib.com or leave your thoughts in the woodworking forum of your choice.