The Tool Crib

An interesting discussion arose recently in the forum recently: can you claim tool value depreciation on your taxes? Upon researching I found that the short answer is – unless you’re turning a profit with those tools 3 years out of 5 you can’t. The long answer is… talk to your CPA ;) The discussion […]

Now that you’ve invested in an air compressor to run all of your air tools you’re going to have to learn how to keep it up and running. Because the standard handyman’s air compressors don’t typically require daily upkeep, it’s easy to forget about them and neglect their upkeep. This can be a costly oversight […]

Every time you turn on any of your power tools you run the risk of catastrophic harm to your body. This sobering fact is always close to mind in the best woodworkers and other power tool using trades people, and it’s part of what keeps them safe. Furthermore, the safest people in the power tool […]