A recent post from the Rockler blog got me thinking about that wonderful jig that saves fingers. That’s right, I’m talking about the Featherboard!

The post, Using Featherboards, introduces new woodworkers to the concept, and offers old timers a chance to dig in a little deeper with Rockler’s special kits. In Rockler’s words, a featherboard “helps hold the stock up tight against the surface of tool or fence while you run it through.”

Also, “a featherboard can be positioned closer to the action than human finger should ever venture, applying pressure where it is most effective and least likely to be overcome by vibration.”

I poked around a little to dig up some more info on featherboards. Here are a few how-to’s I found:
Make Your Own Featherboards (my favorite – probably the most thorough guide – good pics too…)

How to make a featherboard (clear and concise!)

How to make a Featherboard (has excellent pictures for reference)