I found this “Which router for table?” thread over at FamilyWoodworking.org, an awesome forum with super-helpful woodworkers.

Here’s the crux of the question:
“What I want is a ~3 hp router, with soft start and variable speed; table top adjustment; easy, above-the-table, bit changing; and a mouth opening that will accept up to a 3-1/2″ panel raising bit. Price is always a criteria, but $300 or so is not out of the question.”

He also asked in general what people had and what they liked/disliked about them. I went through and tallied the responses from the Family, and here’s what they said:

Milwaukee 5625: 3
3 1/4 hp Triton router: 1
2 1/4 hp Triton router: 1
Porter Cable 7538: 1
Porter Cable 7537: 1
Porter Cable 690: 1

Tritons seemed to get a lot of backing, and this observation from Jesse Cloud is telling: “I think Matt’s on the right track with the Triton. I haven’t used it myself, but lots of the folks on the Festool forum get a Triton for their table. If Festool fanatics are going for the Triton over Festool, then it must be darned good.”

Frank Pellow (yes the woodworker who documented his wood shop build) is a Festool fan who uses Triton: “I am one of those Festool fans, who uses the Triton 2.25 in my router table. I love my Festool 1400 router for hand-held work, but the Triton certainly beats any of the Festool routers in a table.”

Check out Which router for table? at FamilyWoodworking.org.

In my research for this post I also turned up a “best router for router table” thread at an Australian woodworking forum. This thread is from 2003 so it might be a little dusty:

Triton: 2
Dewalt 625E: 1
Hitachi M12V: 1

see: What router and router table from the Australian woodworking forum

Also see from the same Australian forum: What is the Best Router???