Is it possible to be 100% satisfied with any of your power tools? Rich Engelhardt of SawmillCreek thinks so, and asked his fellow forum members to chime in on tools that “worked out exactly as planned or better than planned.” This thread is such a rich resource for woodworkers that we decided it deserved to be worked over a little for the betterment of the ToolCrib community.

The thread has over 91 comments so you can imagine there’s quite a list of perfect tools.

This quote, from Creeker Al Willits, sums up why this thread is important: “Actually [I] have a lot of tools I’m happy with, but its taken years to get there.” It can take a lifetime to find those perfect tools. We hope that this write up of the thread helps you find power tools that you love.

Scroll to the bottom for a link to the SawmillCreek thread and other resources.

Top 11 Favorite Power Tools (got more than 2 votes):

1) Kreg Pocket Hole Jig 10 votes
2) Bosch 1590 Jigsaw 8 votes
3) Festool Tools 8 votes
4) Ez Smart Circular Saw Guide System 5 (EZSmart review)
5) Dowelmax 5
6) Byrd Shelix 5
7) Porter-Cable Routers (see models in PC section below) 5
8) DeWalt Router (see models in DEWALT section below) 4
9) Starrett combination square 3
10) GRR-Ripper 3
11) SawStop 3

Two Votes (in no particular order):

Ridgid T1300 planer 2
Powermatic 66 table saw 2
JET Mini Lathe 2
Dewalt DW735 planer 2
Bosch Colt palm router 2
Delta DJ-20 Jointer 2
Fein turbo vac 2
WoodRat Joinery Machine 2
Bessey clamps 2
Oneway lathes 2
General 650 cabinet saw 2
Hitachi M12V router 2
DeWalt 12v Impact Driver 2
Makita LS1221 12″ CMS 2

Everyone Else By Brand:

DeWalt 6″ ROS
Dewalt jig saw
DeWalt DW-746 table saw with 52″ extension and sliding table
DeWalt table saw blades
Dewalt DW618 router kit
Dewalt 618 three base router kit
Dewalt dual base router
Dewalt 621 Router
Dewalt 18V portable drill
Dewalt 708 SCMS


    Porter-Cable biscuit cutter
    Porter-Cable cordless 18 ga gun
    Porter-Cable 250 finish nailer
    Porter-Cable 333 RO sander
    Porter-Cable plunge router
    Porter Cable 3 hp router
    Porter-Cable 890 Router
    Porter-Cable 7518 table router
    Porter Cable 690 D-Handle router


    Bosch ROS
    Bosch 4212L compound miter saw
    Bosch 1617evs router kit
    Bosch 12v Impactor
    Bosch PS20 pocket driver


    Hitachi contractor table saw
    Hatachi sliding compound miter saw
    Hitachi Hammer drills both 3/8 and 1/2″
    Hitachi 12v cordless drill


    Makita 9.6 volt drills
    Makita 7 1/4 skil saw


    Rigid 14v cordless dril/driver
    Ridgid 10″, 90 tooth crosscut tablesaw blade
    Ridgid TS3650 Table saw


    Delta crown staple gun
    Delta Cabinet saw
    Delta Drill Press


    Ryobi 1/4″ collet router/router table combination
    Ryobi 18V impact driver


    Jet 22-44 drum sander
    Jet 18″ Bandsaw


    Milwaukee 1/2″ corded drill
    Milwaukee routers

Everyone else:

    General Int’l Cabinet saw(50-250)
    Powermatic drill press
    Big Johnson 25′ tape measure
    Incra fence
    Incra LS positioner
    sharpe paint gun
    Husky Heavy-Duty X-Sawhorse
    Leigh D4 dovetail jig
    Sharpe T1 pressure pot HVLP spray gun setup
    Wenzloff dovetail saw
    Fuji Q3 HVLP Sprayer
    6″ Metabo sander
    Rikon 18” Bandsaw
    Jointech Cabinet Maker Router Table System
    G444Z Grizzly Contractor Table Saw
    Veritas bevel gage
    Trend T5 (1/4″) Router
    Triton circular saw
    Biesemeyer fence
    Paslode impact finish nailer

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