While researching for the Best Router for Router Table Under $300 I spent a little time in an Australian woodworking forum, where I came across who appears to be the Australian Wood Whisperer.

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The Wood Whisperer, if you don’t know, is Marc Spagnuolo, a furniture maker and videographer from Phoenix, Arizona. His online woodworking video series and blog have a wide audience and he’s a regular topic in the ToolCrib blog.

His Australian counterpart, Stu, lives in Melbourne, Australia and has been into woodworking for about five years. He teaches for the Triton Woodworkers Club and takes his instructional approach into video for woodworkers around the world.

In -Episode 09 Router Bit Review Compression Bit-, Stu reviews a router bit that’s best suited for working with veneered woods as it reduces tear out with its dual spirals.

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