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I visited Chris Baylor’s blog today and found a quick little snippet of a post on getting clean plywood cuts. His best tip for keeping cuts clean is to “apply a piece of masking tape along the anticipated cut line on both the top and bottom sides before making the cut.” Reading his post inspired […]

In the impressionable early days of my writing career a trusted source at told me that Grizzly tools aren’t worth the metal they’re made from… and that this source had told Grizzly president Shiraz Balolia this himself at a trade show. Now I’m not going to name any names, but trust me this impression […]

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I hadn’t visited with the Family for awhile ( so I stopped by this afternoon to read about how everyone’s doing. The thread that caught my attention was one that discusses woodworkers who choose not to use table saws… The table saw’s such a staple in the shops of most woodworkers that I couldn’t resist […]