SawmillCreeker Wayne Ilfrey has $600 and a sweet sweet dilemma – how should he spend it on a new saw? He brought his question to the SawmillCreekers and since it’s so on topic with my recent ToolCrib posts I thought I’d cover it for you today.

Mr. Ilfrey’s Question:

I have about $600 i can spend on a new contactor style TS. I have been looking at these 3 brands that are in my price range… Jet, Rigid, and Hitachi.

Anyone have any opinions on these saws? I mostly do smaller work like decorative boxes & childrens toys etc. But occasionally build a bookcase or blanket chest etc.

Here’s how his fellow Creekers recommended he spend that $600:

Used Cabinet Saw: 10

Bosch: 4 overall votes
Bosch 4100: 3
Bosch 4000-09

Rigid: 4 overall votes
Rigid TS3650 3
Ridgid 36XX

Grizzly: 3 overall votes
Grizzly G0444Z
Grizzly 1023s

Jet: 2 overall
Jet 708100
Jet ProShop hybrid

General International contractor’s saw: 1 vote

Dewalt 744: 1 vote

Craftsman 22114: 1 vote
Delta: 1 vote

From the looks of it the question asker first checked out his local Craigslist and then decided on the Rigid… Read the entire post here: Need your Table Saw opinions.

Seeing as how the majority of Creekers suggested he buy used I thought it would make sense to offer this guide: Buying a Used Table Saw. I have a strong feeling that this guide will inspire a future writing project of mine :)

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