A newbie over at the Creek asked about a good circular saw for under $100. He got a lot of good suggestions from the woodworkers at SMC, though some of the suggested saws were well over $100.

There weren’t a boat load of suggestions for him – I’ll be knocking on a few doors to see if I can get a few more “best circs under 100” ideas and see what people think of the list so far.

It’s interesting to note how dang many votes Skil got… what are your thoughts about circular saws under $100?

Skil Circular Saw: 5 votes

Makita: 2 votes

Ryobi 1 vote
Model CSB140LZK (I could only find the CSB141LZK… G)

Craftsman 7 1/4″: 1 vote

Hitachi C7BD2: 1 vote

Bosch 1677M-100 7-1/4″: 1 vote

see Circular saw advice in the SMC forum >>