A visitor to WoodNet asked a great question recently. He’s got a PM2000 sitting in his woodshop but no blade for it. Also… he’s only willing to budget enough money for buying a single HIGH QUALITY table saw blade.

His question:

I have this PM2000 sitting here with no blade. I would like a recommendation on a quality blade that I can use for most purposes. If need be, I could also get a cheap one for rough cutting. What would your recommend?

Woodnetters responded. I counted results. Here’s what I saw:

FORREST WWII: 5 votes total
thin kerf: 1
full kerf: 2
Forrest WWII Blades

Ridge Carbide TS2000: 5 votes total
Ridge Carbide Tool Co.
for sale at Holbren

Freud: 3 votes total
Freud LU84R011
Freud Fusion
Freud 24 tooth rip blade

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If you’re still not convinced about which blade to get for your table saw then you should definitely check out this blade comparison chart of 30 various blades by Sawmill Creeker Scott Spencer. Jumpin Jehosephat that’s A LOT of work he put in there to categorize and classify table saw blades!

To add a bit more to your debate also see our recent Freud Fusion vs. Forrest WWII Blades: Which High End Blade is the Best?