The Tool Crib

Admit it – cut offs are pretty much impossible to throw away. Especially if they’re from a nice piece of maple or even an exotic. The fellas at SMC laid out their ideas for what to do with cut offs and I cherry picked the top 11 ideas to help you figure out how to […]

A SawmillCreek member recently asked his fellow creekers about the right tool for cutting laminate flooring. He’s eyeing a miter saw in the $300 range, but is open to other suggestions. Most notable in his questions: 1) Do you recommend a good blade for my Circular or get a Compound Miter Saw for the cross […]

A newbie over at the Creek asked about a good circular saw for under $100. He got a lot of good suggestions from the woodworkers at SMC, though some of the suggested saws were well over $100. There weren’t a boat load of suggestions for him – I’ll be knocking on a few doors to […]