If you’d asked me three minutes ago if I thought it was possible to cut a circle on a table saw I would have said – “probably not,” and then, “why would you want to, isn’t that what a band saw or jig saw’s for?”

Well, I find my first impulse proven wrong, and for those of you who need to cut a (perfect?) circle for an upcoming project you may find these videos useful, as well as the written how-tos posted below the videos.

Cut a Circle on a Table Saw

The Original Jimmy Jig/cutting odd angles and a circle

Slight Variations on Cutting Circles with Table Saws:
Cutting a Circle on the Table Saw – from WoodWeb, a site that catalogs great ideas from woodworking forums.

Cutting Circles on the Tablesaw – a fine woodworking reader writes in

Cutting a Circle on a Table Saw