A woodworker at WoodNet recently asked for advice on picking a new cordless impact drill/driver. Here’s how he plans to use the new driver:

“My use will be for driving self-tapping screws in metal building repair, pocket-hole screws in wood, deck screws, and other woodworking applications.”

Most notably, some Woodnetters advised him against getting an impact driver for those uses. They suggested he go for something with a clutch to give him more finesse for metal connecting and pocket-hole screws.

That said, they also offered up their favorite impact drivers which I have counted here for you:

Makita: 6 Votes Total
Makita 12-Volt Cordless NiMH Impact Driver: 2 Votes

Makita 14.4-Volt NiMH Cordless Impact Driver: 2 Votes

Makita 18V Lithium-Ion Cordless Impact Driver: 2 Votes

Ryobi: 2 Votes
18V Ryobi: 2 Votes

Craftsman: 2 Votes
Craftsman 14.4 volt Impact Driver: 2 Votes

Bosch: 1 Vote
Bosch PS10-2 Litheon 10.8-Volt Lithium-Ion I-Driver Kit

More Finesse:
Bosch PS20-2 Litheon 10.8-Volt Lithium-Ion Pocket Driver

Bosch PS40-2 10.8V Impact Driver

Here’s the conversation thread at Woodnet: impact drill/driver

I found it interesting that a similar poll in the Family Woodworking forum liked DeWalt cordless drills the best with Makita second. Of course, this wasn’t a poll for impact drivers, but rather just standard drills/drivers.

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