For many woodworkers the router table is their second big project – second to the work bench. You can learn a great deal by making your own, plus it’s customized to your needs. 99.9% of woodworkers in forums will suggest you build your own.

This approach is great for more seasoned woodworkers who know what they need. Newbies or folks looking for a quick-fix will benefit from a pre-built table… if only to experience the limitations first hand that will inspire them to build their own.

I started out on this post because of a poster at SawmillCreek who wondered about the best router table under $250. I found a bunch of great resources for those shopping for router tables though, so those will follow the results of the SMC thread.

NOTE! The top two recommended router tables are actually over $250. Check out this search at Amazon for a wider selection of router tables, many under $250.

Bench Dog 40-031 ProMax: 3 Votes

RT-1000: 2 Votes

CMT 999.501.03 Industrio Router Table Cabinet: 1 Vote

Bosch Benchtop Router Table Model RA1181: 1 Vote

(Bosch RA1181 Benchtop Router Table Review)

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