Great fence on a small table saw – does this exist? A woodworker went to the experts at WoodNet recently to find out. He said he’s looking for a portable table saw with a good fence… “Has anyone found one? I’m not expecting Biesemeyer quality here, but it shouldn’t be so damned hard to find one with a fence that locks tight front AND back and can actually be adjusted parallel to the miter slot or blade.”

The WoodNetters spoke up on fences. There were several who preferred either the Rigid or the DeWalt to the Bosch when it comes to the fence and accuracy. Here’s what they think:

Ridgid TS2400: 4 Votes

>>> comparison of the Ridgid TS2400 and the Bosch 4000 (Rigid wins in this man’s opinion…)

DeWalt DW744: 3 Votes

Bosch 4000: 2 Votes

(note – for easier fence adjustments one WoodNetter said “I have the Bosch too and found that if you wax the fence rails so it slides well you can tighten up the locking threshold and it will align true pretty consistently. Dry silicone lube works too, just keep it away from where the locking clamp engages.”)

Craftsman 21829: 1 Vote
Jet 708315 vs. Craftsman 21829 (SMC)

MuleCab Fence for Portable Table Saws

From the WoodNet forum thread: Looking for a portable table saw with a good fence

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