A funny thread started over at the WoodNet.net forum that I thought you’d get a kick out of… add your own to the comments if you want :)

When Norm stops by to borrow something. – Mark A Smith

When your HOA (home owners association) accuses you of running a commercial business and the only proof is that your garage is full of woodworking tools. – KWaugh

You look at the Grizzly catalog and determine there is nothing that you don’t already have at least one of… – Curlycherry

when going to the tool store isn’t as much fun because you either have it or have better… – guyk

1 – your homeowners insurance is less than the insurance on your tools

2 – you hold off on that addition to the house because you need one for your shop first.

3 – your wife doesn’t even blink an eye when the truck arrive with something new, and knows the driver on a first name basis along with the names and ages of his kids.

4 – you can’t tell if this tool came before or after your last child

5 – a total stranger stops by to ask if this is the rental store

6 – the mfg parts department calls to ask if you have an extra widget available.

7 – you can’t think of a single thing to put on your Christmas list.


Heh. I’m sure you can relate ;) Check out the whole thread over at WoodNet: you know you have to many tools when…