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As usual, WoodNetters inspired me to start a learning odyssey. This time into the realm of shop lighting. A recent poll in WoodNet asked members about using light diffusers and reflectors in shop lighting and this got me researching shop lighting in general to see if I could find some consensus or at least some […]

Take care of your tools and they will take care of you. Band saw tire maintenance is a must! A recent post in WoodNet offered some great advice on cleaning band saw tires. To round things out I dug around for more band saw tune up resources and pulled out the stuff just relating to […]

Well, you can blame the guys at for setting me off on this post. Member Doug Sinjem asked fellow woodworkers, “Looking to purchase some misc. router bits and was wondering what the majority of you guys were using. There are so many companies out there and several choices. I’m looking to purchase quality bits […]