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Following up on our recent post about the (questionable) profitability of making pet coffins here’s one about 16 woodworking money makers from the woodworkers at WoodNet. One very good point from meackerman that you will have to remember before quitting your day job: “I think its going to really depend on what your local market […]

Don’t let your chain saw watch this video… he won’t come out of the shed for shame. This is a video of John Deere’s 1270D Wheeled Harvester that I found over at WoodNet. Apparently the thing has computer functionality too: “The harvester comes fully equipped with a John Deere processing head combined with a powerful […]

Is there profit in making and selling wooden pet caskets? A member at asked this very question… for his father. If you’re a woodworking hobbyist looking to supplement your income with your skills with wood then this is a great thread for you! Of course, this wonderful thread is as much about this guy’s […]

A great question came up over at the woodworking forum (FW is a welcoming and friendly spin off of Mr. Sean Wright over there wrote recently: “When in your shop, do you wear a tool belt, a shop apron, or just work clothes?” “Up until recently I just wore work clothes. Then I […]

You know I love a good power tool dust up… this one’s a classic. A Woodnetter and professional woodshop owner asks his fellow woodworkers whether he should put Sawstops or Powermatic PM2000s in his shop. Here are his criteria for the decision: Safety (obviously sawstop wins this category) Dust collection-very important to me Ease of […]