Wood Magazine recently retested table saw blades after realizing that their testing methods skewed the results. Basically, they used a sled to pull wood through the table saw and the sled pushed far harder than a woodworker would.

ANYWAYS… I thought you’d be interested in some quick snippets from their comparisons. Note I just pulled the top blade from each category, scroll down for a link to ALL the blades they reviewed and be sure to check out the forum thread where I found this because they discuss some of the potential downfalls of believing studies done by the woodworking magazines…

Full Kerf
#1 Blade for $97 or More: Forrest WW10407125

#1 Blade for $62 or Less: Jesada 110-440
Couldn’t find pic… here’s more about the blade.

Thin Kerf
#1 Blade for $90 or More: Forrest WW10407100

#1 Blade for $40-$65: Amana TB10400

#1 Blade for $35 or Less: DEWALT DW7140PT

Here’s the article: Blade retesting results are in! (PDF)
Here’s the WoodNet forum post that brought this to my attention:
WOOD Magazine Table Saw Blade Test
And here is a semi-related post from us to add some counter balance to the Forrest love: Problems Cross Cutting with Forrest WoodWorker II 40T?