You know I love a good power tool dust up… this one’s a classic. A Woodnetter and professional woodshop owner asks his fellow woodworkers whether he should put Sawstops or Powermatic PM2000s in his shop.

Here are his criteria for the decision:

Safety (obviously sawstop wins this category)
Dust collection-very important to me
Ease of the moving parts and adjustments
Accuracy (that is a given)
Service and durabiliy

What one do you think is better built. I guess I am hard on my tools, and I can’t afford to wait for service and for parts from Sawstop if there service is slow or difficult to deal with.

Here are the results as I tabulated them:
Sawstop Votes: 7

Powermatic PM 2000 Votes: 2

Most folks suggested that since he has employees using his table saws they should be using the safer Sawstops. That said, there were some great questions asked about the long term viability of Sawstop as a company. Also there was a cameo appearance by the Wood Whisperer so you know I had to quote him ;)

Good Points from the thread:

“…within 5 years, SS will license their technology to WMH and get out of the tool building business”

“So if $4050 is too rich for your blood, wait 5 years and buy a gold or green sawstop machine for 2/3 that price.”
Tim in MD – see his full comment he makes a great argument relating the viability of the company to the idea of purchasing a SS any time soon.

“Its like asking if you should buy a pickup or an SUV. Performance issues aside, which vehicle has the functionality you want. If you want that feature, you buy that saw. If you don’t want that feature, then you buy the PM2000. Practically speaking, I think you would be hard pressed to “notice” any performance differences between the two.”
from the Wood Whisperer

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