Don’t let your chain saw watch this video… he won’t come out of the shed for shame. This is a video of John Deere’s 1270D Wheeled Harvester that I found over at WoodNet.

Apparently the thing has computer functionality too: “The harvester comes fully equipped with a John Deere processing head combined with a powerful John Deere PC/Windows® based measuring and control system.” I guess that’s so they can track more easily how many trees they cut with it?

Here are some of the WoodNetter comments:

“I’ve always fantasized about showing modern tech to someone from 100 or 200 years ago. Imaging showing that to a 18th century logger.”

“All I could think of was the ways this might show up in the sequel to Fargo…”

Here’s the thread: Demise of the Chain Saw
Here’s John Deere’s page about the 1270D Wheeled Harvester