What is it about kick back that opens up your eyes to the importance of a splitter on your table saw? I think this quote from a ‘Creeker just about sums it up:

“Yesterday, I actually had a pretty serious kick-back incident with a 30″ long piece of 2×4 I was trying to rip in half. Luckily, the only damage that was done was the dent in the drywall behind me….about 18 feet away!!”

And yes, he’s one of the lucky ones… kick back can cause serious bodily harm. And though this post focuses on splitters, you should know that a splitter isn’t the only kick back deterrent out there.

Anyways, it so happens that the guys at SawmillCreek AND over at WoodNet started threads about what splitters they use on their table saws. I diligently counted and present for you the results below, followed by links to the threads AND links to “build your own splitter” articles.

Shark Guard Splitter: 10 Votes

Biesemeyer Snap-In Spreader: 9 Votes

Micro Jig (MJ) splitter: 5 Votes

build your own: 3 Votes
(see below for links)

Merlin splitter: 1 Vote

Delta Splitter: 1 Vote

From The Forums:
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Of guards and splitters and things… (SMC)

Make Your Own Splitter:
Make Your Own Table Saw Splitter/Blade Guard
Table Saw Insert with Splitter
Safety and the Table Saw – “Splitter, Plate, and Guard”
A Home Made Splitter for the Table Saw