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The only thing that wood glue bonds better than wood is fabric. So how can you get wood glue and wood glue stains out of those work shirts that need to stay presentable? An SMCreeker said: “Over the past year I’ve had a more than a few cases of regular yellow glue smearing and then […]

A WoodNetter posted this complaint to the forum: “I’m killing myself trying to get sheetgoods home from the borg… there must be a better way. I have a small SUV which just isn’t cutting it.” Does this sound like you? Well, there’s no easy or simple way to do it, there are however lots of […]

Well, we all know he’s a highly influential carpenter… He ranked #1 in our poll of 3 forums (see’s Guide to Your 31 Most Influential Woodworkers). But is he really a master carpenter? This is the question that a newbie Woodnetter posted. There are 99 responses, and right off the bat one WoodNet member […]

A member at the SawmillCreek forum asked his fellow creekers whether they had TVs in their shops… he needed some data to show to his wife because he was seeking her agreement on a new TV. I’m someone who’s easily distracted so having a TV on while I’m working would drive me nuts. I was […]

I love woodworking forums. The free flow of information, the friendships, the “strong discussions” about power tools… One of my favorite forums remains, both for the spirit in which they built it and the friendliness of the guys posting there. Here’s an example of what I consider to be a “gem” of a Family […]

A WoodNetter wrote in to his buddies to ask about the lines left in his wood by his 18″ Delta drum sander. Here’s what he said: “I’m wondering if anyone can help me out in eliminating lines in the wood after sanding on a drum sander (18″ Delta). I’ve ran the grit schedule of 80, […]