A member at the SawmillCreek forum asked his fellow creekers whether they had TVs in their shops… he needed some data to show to his wife because he was seeking her agreement on a new TV.

I’m someone who’s easily distracted so having a TV on while I’m working would drive me nuts. I was blown away by the results though… I tallied the responses from the thread here – there were 52 comments in the thread.

Have a TV: 27

No TV: 3

Just music: 13

NO tv, NO music: 3

For all you woodworkers who DO have a TV on in the shop I pulled out a couple of warning-type comments.


1) I did…. Until I was distracted and dadoed my finger. Had the TV on basically as background noise while ripping stock, something on TV caught my attention for a fraction of a second, then the saw blade got my attention in a big way! Stupid $2700 emergency room mistake on my part. I’ll just stick to the radio.

2) Used to, but like Dave it was to easy to get stareitis and end up watching TV all afternoon, it finally broke and I get much more done now.

Installed a tri amped stereo and a pair of DIY speakers simliar to the JBL 100 series, and that is on when I’m in the garage now.

Although we have a old 19″ TV that just sits in the basement and someday I might make a entertainment cabinet for the garage and bring it out there…someday.

But I could see shutting a TV off when your playing with sharp tools.

Well, I’m definitely a NO TV guy myself, though there were a few people who said they watched how-to DVDs or programs out there, which makes sense.

How about you? Where do you stand?

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