For those new to wood shop dust collection, a cyclone dust collection system differs from older dust collection systems because almost no dust reaches the filter – it all ends up in the collection bin. Until I started reading through this thread on WoodNet – with over 200 posts – I didn’t realize that nothing stirs the woodworking hornets nest like CYCLONE DUST COLLECTION. The extreme polarities in WoodNet seem to come from – as far as I can tell – these points:

1) Lack of objective comparisons – most woodworkers have only had experience with one cyclone dust collection system
2) Bias towards Clear Vue inspiration and woodworker Bill Penz who has an almost cult-like following
3) Lack of understanding of the science of dust collection and dust collection systems

I went through the WoodNet thread and added in one from SMC for good measure. I counted how many had bought which systems, but this doesn’t give you too much to go on… Following my tally are some sources that I hope can help you get up to speed on your cyclone dust collection decision… or make your own.

Oneida Gorilla Owners: 14
Oneida Air Systems: the Dust Gorilla

Clear Vue Owners: 13
Clear Vue Cyclone

Grizzly 2HP Owners: 6
Grizzly G0440 2 HP Cyclone Dust Collector

Cyclone Dust Collector Resources:
Build Your Own Cyclone Dust Collector (Bill Pentz Plan) >>

Dust Collection Basics >> This is info from Bill Pentz, who developed the design behind the Clear Vue.

Wikipedia’s Dust Collector page >> This should give you way too much information ;)

WoodWeb Dust Collection Forum >> You will have to wade through this but you might get some good answers here.

Oneida comparing themselves to Clear Vue. >> Granted, this comes from Oneida. It all sounds well researched and thorough though ;)

All Bill Pentz Comments on SMC >> Bill Pentz developed the cyclone design behind the Clear Vue. His comments on SMC will give you insight into how he thinks.

Entrance Velocity Optimization for Modified Dust Cyclones >> Pentz cites this paper as influential on his design.

high efficiency cyclones – industrial grade

So what do you use for dust collection in your woodshop?