Rings are always mentioned when it comes to power tool safety – in that list of things NOT to wear in the shop. Along with long hair, dangling necklaces and long sleeves, rings can get caught in the machinery and cause you serious physical harm.

That said, the LOYL (love of your life) may cause you serious physical harm if you go around without wearing your wedding ring.

76 of the finest woodworkers at FamilyWoodworking.org answered a poll regarding wearing a wedding ring in the shop… here are the results followed by some choice quotes from the 42 responses that this thread got.

25: I wear one and always will.
22: No way, a gesture of love isn’t worth losing a finger.
13: I take mine off, but only in the shop.
11: I wear one but deep down I know I shouldn’t because of safety.
7: I’ve had mishaps with my wedding band.

(there were a couple others that had less than 2 responses – check out the thread to see them: Do you wear wedding bands in the shop)

Great Quotes from “Do you wear wedding bands in the shop?”

1) “I’ve not worn my wedding band for over 42 years! The “Medics” had to fight like heck to get it off when my ring finger swelled up after it was hit with a maul by a Private! After that I never put it back on.”

2) “I wear mine. Death before dishonor!”

3) “The army safety poster they always posted showed the sheath of skin from a finger with a ring on it and the hand was not attached…”

4) “My dad is missing the ring finger on his right hand as the result of an incident with a truck, a loading dock, and a high school class ring. Because of this, he can only grab M&Ms out of a bowl with his left hand. The right hand leaks.”

I loved reading through the thread – great stories and great humor. FamilyWoodworking is a great woodworking forum! Check out the thread: Do you wear wedding bands in the shop?