Do you keep your table saw blades on a nail on the wall? Or worse, stacked on top of each other in a drawer? My understanding is that your #1 goal in storage should be not letting the teeth touch each other… from there the storage ideas really start to run wild ;)

A WoodNet thread on table saw blade storage caught my eye and if you’re looking for ideas + pictures then you HAVE to go look at: How do you guys store your blades?

Here’s some nice dry humor from that WoodNet thread: “I used to let Forrest store my Woodworker II, but then I finally got a Grizzly contractor saw to store it in. Much handier.”

You should definitely go check that out as there are great pictures posted there.

I dug around for ideas at other forums too…>>

Here’s a thread from Rigid: Blade Storage where you’ll find some great ideas along with some, um, creative ideas: “I toss mine ninja-style at the wall and just let them stick in the drywall. Easy access to whichever I need.”

The LumberJocks give us: Saw Blade Holder You’ll find rough plans and build-pics there too. Very useful!

Pic from LumberJocks:

Also from LumberJocks: Storage for 10″ saw blades ideas? This is where I saw the Saw Jaw. Good suggestions here too.

Portable table saw blade holder And from an Australian woodworking forum we find a brief-case style table saw blade storage solution for the professional woodworker on the go ;)

Saw-Blade Selector And if you really want to pamper your saw blades you can try building the saw blade selector from Wood Magazine.

If you have ideas or pictures you’d like to share of how you store your table saw blades let me know in the comments!