Now… there are no details yet if this could work, but the gamer geeks at WoodNet are wondering about creating a wooden Guitar Hero controller. As a fan of Guitar Hero (along with my wife and nephew) this topic caught my attention. I started searching around in the hopes that someone will actually make some sweet custom Guitar Hero controllers.

Here’s the thread that got me going: Wooden Guitar Hero Controller?

If you’re serious about building your own Guitar Hero controller out of wood then I suggest you check out some of these resources.

Getting Started…
For one, you’re going to have to understand the electronics side with some of these tutorials from Instructables:

>>How to make a PS2 Guitar Hero controller out of scratch
Obviously written by a non-native English speaker, this guide breaks it down with video for you so you can see every gnarly detail, and my understanding is that his method doesn’t require you to actually purchase a GH controller.

>>How to make a custom [Guitar Hero] game controller
This guide appears to be platform agnostic… and should be helpful on your quest.

>>How to Disassemble a Guitar Hero SG Controller for Painting
This one at least gives you some insight into breaking apart your controller if you’re so inclined.

For inspiration you should check out these “Air Guitars” that work as Guitar Hero controllers. They cost $399, but come with really sweet artwork on the front.

Guitar Hero replicas

Also check out Kaytrim’s Kustom Joysticks, which will help you stay focused on your goal of a real wood Guitar Hero controller. And see the thread Boys and their toys for more neat custom wooden joystick pics from Kaytrim.

For inspiration on building real guitars, visit the Guitar Builders Lair. GBL is a website operated by a WoodNetter.