When my wife and I get great customer service we make it a point to speak to the manager and pass along a compliment. A thread in SawmillCreek (Your Vote: Best Customer Service) does the same thing for woodworking related companies. I went through all 85 responses and counted up all the companies mentioned as giving excellent customer service and laid them out here for you to see.

Before the list though, I have to say I appreciated this sentiment (which got 2 votes): “The best customer service is the one you don’t need.” Great point – ideally you don’t have to get involved with customer service after your purchase. The fact of life is that you DO have to get involved after the purchase though.

And remember – I want to know who you’ve had a good experience with, and if your opinion lines up with the woodworkers from SawmillCreek. Scroll down to the comment section and let me know what you think.

Here are the companies that the ‘Creekers think give the best customer service:

1) Lee Valley: 36 Votes
I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much excitement over a single company… They certainly have done a great job of turning the Creekers into major supporters. You can read about their customer support philosophy here >>

2) Eurekazone: 17 Votes
I wrote about the Eurekazone awhile back when I was on my “table saw alternatives” kick ;) Check out DIY Table Saw Alternative: EZ Guide + Circular Saw. Dino, the owner/inventor of this system is an active member of SawmillCreek.

3) Grizzly: 14 Votes
Grizzly is somewhat of the new kid on the block. They seem consistent about making cheaper high quality tools. Their president Shiraz Balolia is also a regular contributor to SawmillCreek and even responds to customer issues in the forum. I got on a Grizzly kick for awhile too ;) Grizzly Tools – What is Your Opinion?

4) Lie-Nielsen: 9 Votes
They make heirloom quality hand tools. If you’re a neanderthal, aka, a Galoot you’re probably already familiar ;) Also check out The 7 Essential Woodworking Hand Tools For the Galoot In Training >>

5) Festool: 7 Votes
Festool are makers of fine tools with RABID fans! They make a guided saw system that competes with the Eurekazone. I think of Festool fans sort of like Mac fans ;)

One thing to remember, SawmillCreek has company owners as guests in their forums – I’m not sure if there’s a Lee Valley rep, but I know Dino from Eurekazone and Papa Grizzly “Shabaz” post there regularly. I’ve also seen Freud reps posting there. Anyways, there may be a little bias from the woodworkers who have had personal contact with people on the forums.

Companies with More Than One Vote:

6) Freud: 5 Votes
7) Tools For Working Wood: 5 Votes
8) Amazon: 4 Votes
9) Clear-Vue Cyclones: 4 Votes
10) Incra: 4 Votes
11) Wynn Environmental: 3 Votes
12) Bosch: 3 Votes
13) Wixey: 3 Votes
14) Woodcraft: 3 Votes
15) Woodpecker: 3 Votes
16) Mini Max: 3 Votes
17) Japan Woodworker: 2 Votes
18) Holbren dot com: 2 Votes

Companies Mentioned Once for Good Customer Service:
Dover Inlay
Reid Supply
Craftsman Studio
Peach Tree
MTO Battery
Garret Wade
Heavy Duty Tools dot net.
Steel City
Craft Supply
Woodworkers Hardware
Hartville Tool
PLS lasers
Whiteside Router bits
White Chapel hardware
Collins tool co.

There you have it folks! Again, if you’d like to visit the original thread from SawmillCreek go here: Your Vote: Best Customer Service. And remember to vote for the company that gave you the best customer service in the comments below!