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These wood sculptures by artist David C Roy really took my breath away… here’s a video of one he called “Spectrum” (for some reason these videos aren’t playing for me on my computer… they play fine in YouTube though so here’s a link to David C Roy in YouTube.) Here’s how he describes his process […]

The SawmillCreekers chimed in recently when one of their own asked about Jet parallel clamps. Clamps and power tools are two things you can never have enough of, so of course I rolled up my sleeves and started counting responses. The conversation spread far from just parallel clamps, but that’s what I focused on for […]

Quality work shoes can take the ache out of your back, ankles, knees and feet. The question of “best shoes for the woodshop” comes up over and over in woodworking forums. Like most things woodworking the best answer is “it depends on what your needs are.” We’re a safety-first company so we definitely recommend steel […]

Woodnetter Zane Moseley wants a new square. He went to his fellow WoodNetters and said: “I’m thinking of buying a quality square like a Starrett or Incra that will last for years and give trustworth readings. The 12″ starrett combo square seems a bit long. They have a 4” double square that looks pretty appealing. […]

First off I want to state that the official ToolCrib position is that ANY beer is too much beer for woodworking. We’re serious about safety and would like to remind you that the #1 most dangerous power tool is YOU. photo by IJsendoorn under CC license. A SawmillCreeker asked recently, “How many beers does it […]

Caulk is – in the grand scheme of things – pretty cheap. Still, there’s no point in wasting it, especially when you crack a new tube and only use half of it. SawmillCreeker David Klug asked “When ever I use a caulking tube I rarely use all of the material in it and when I […]

I just saw this on YouTube, thought you’d dig it. It’s pretty old I think but still cool! Here are some other posts that mention SawStop: Sawstop vs. Powermatic PM 2000 in the Professional Wood Shop BOSCH Places Second in Battle of Power Tool Brands! Guess Who Got First… (SawStop placed 17th) The 11 Top […]