There are over 4,000 ToolCrib newsletter readers and over 500 visitors a day to the blog. I’m afraid this post about building a UniSaw out of spare parts is only going to appeal to about 4 of you. But I know that those who like it are REALLY going to like it :D

In other words, if you know you will enjoy this post ;)

Like many great things, this story comes from WoodNet. From member ChrisJ in particular who apparently travels the country rescuing and rebuilding old woodworking machines. He owns the site (I think…). ChrisJ if you’re reading this I’d be more than happy to help you install a blog free of charge so you can make a new home for your work if you want…

Anyways, here’s how Chris starts what turns out to be an epic UniSaw building tutorial: “I’m thinking about building a UniSaw from assorted parts that I have…”

What follows are ginormous posts from ChrisJ about his progress in building a UniSaw from the ground up. The pictures are big, well lit and even have nifty arrows pointing to exactly what he’s talking about. The thread’s had over 12,000 views since it started back in ’06 and almost 90 replies. Only a small number of those replies are from ChrisJ though… Think of this post as a chapter guide to his odyssey.

I put these in chronological order for those of you following along from home…

Let’s Start 4-6
“We are building a saw from the bottom up, so we need a bottom ring and an base. Let’s go check one of the many graveyards scattered around my shop.”

The Trunnion Bracket 4-8
“A trunnion bracket seemed like a good part to tear down today with kids coming in and out of the shop. I selected this beast!”

Okay lets deal with that arbor 4-9
“After freezing the item, I put it back into the press and heated the pulley with a torch. And heated it and pressed and heated it and pressed…”

back to rebuilding that arbor bracket 4-21
“We need to clean the parts. Remember that nasty arbor?”

arbor bracket rebuild 4-28
“The pointed tip of the bracket has been broken off, was repaired at some point and then failed again. This is a common place for this bracket to be broken.”

the bearing retaining nut 4-28
“so we turn to the bearing retaining nut that you’ve seen a couple times already…”

Okay, lets go over the internals of a Delta UniSaw 6-1
“Here’s what a UniSaw looks like with the top off…”

Continuing with that Front Trunnion Bracket 6-2
“I’ve hauled a lot of saws, repaired a fair number of saws, tore down a lot of saws and even broken a few. By far for me, the part that kicks my tail is the front trunnion bracket.”

And as far as I can tell that’s where the build story ends… if you know any better let me know and I’ll update this post! Big thanks for ChrisJ for all his hard work on the documentation of his project.

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