Over at Family Woodworking Joe Mioux asked the family what table saw they’d get if they had unlimited budget. He’s selling a Mini-Max. See the original thread here: If you could buy a new ts….

I tallied them up and here are the table saws that the Family sees when they’re sawing “z’s.”

SawStop: 6 Votes

Sawstop preferred over Powermatic PM 2000 for Professional Wood Shop (WoodNetters only)
SawStop got mini-kudos in our customer service forum survey.
SawStop placed #11 on our Top Woodworking Power Tools That Give 100% Satisfaction or Better
Tied w/ PM2000 in Top Cabinet Saws for a Small Pro Wood Shop

PowerMatic: 4 Votes
5hp pre 1977 pm66
PM2000 with the router lift
custom Powermatic 2066

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Questions to Ask When Buying a Used Powermatic 66 Table Saw
Tied w/ SawStop in Top Cabinet Saws for a Small Pro Wood Shop

Mini Max Sliding Table Saw: 3 Votes

Steel City cabinet saw: 2 votes

One Mention Each:
an old Unisaw
left tilt General cabinet-saw
Woodtek – 148-271 Hybrid Tablesaw

If I had the cash I’d like to try out the Steel City granite top table saw :D

How about you? What’s your dream table saw?